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ByteGraph Productions is not just limited to providing TV production services or Audio Visual Productions like producing TV advertisements, shooting and editing of anchor-based programs, interview-based shows, soap operas and reality shows. Its periphery extends to well accomplished Audio and Video production studios to make available the best TV production services to the clients. The company has a world class range of HD studio cameras with basic and creative lighting system and for audio production, it is laced with the ultra modern equipment to make state of the art audios. ByteGraph Productions believes in giving wings to the flight of its customers/clients. For that, it has at the disposal of the clients, the services of highly experienced and brilliant cinematographers, script writers, and video editors who are known for their virtuoso performances in the past. For any kind of video or audio production, the pre-production phase is the most challenging part. But the team of the script writers, cinematographers and video editors at ByteGraph Productions burn the mid-night’s oil to overcome this challenge and give it a desirable and pleasant shape, as an end product to the clients.
Some of Our Clients:
Video :
ByteGraph Productions has been producing video’s since a decade not just here in Metro Atlanta. Our clients are not just based in Metro Atlanta, Georgia, we have traveled all other the United States providing high quality but economical video production. We can handle any and all your videography needs from beautiful wedding videos, corporate training videos and any other video project in between.
Corporate Video :
Video has become a powerful tool for businesses. From product demonstration videos, Trade Show videos and web site videos, you can use video to more clearly communicate to potential customers. 80% of our communication is non verbal, so without video we are missing 80% of the opportunity to reach your potential clients.
Wedding Video :
We offer many different styles of shooting and editing. These selected video clips are our most popular types for wedding videography. Please watch our wedding video samples below and enjoy. Our wedding video packages are only a framework; they are fully customizable. At the end of the day, the video belongs to our client and we work hard to satisfy the occasional desire to mix and match features from different packages or even create a new feature. We are documentary filmmakers and professional editors who can create anything and everything.
Arengetram Video :
Professional Video for Arangetram Performance. We understand the importance of this moment and can provide you professional video as you transition from a student to a performer on the Margam. Working closely with Gurus and the performers we know just how important this moment is and how important it is to you, the performer, to have professional video and images of your Arangetram. We understand the nuance of gesture, glance, and expression and strive to capture each moment in amazing high-definition for you to share with family, friends, other students and your Guru. We understand the years of dedication and training that you have put into this moment and offer packages that include high-resolution available light photography for your performance. We understand your needs, your style, and just how important this moment is and we know that not all dance styles can be recorded the same way. We have worked with many Bharatanatyam dancers and Gurus and we will provide you a video and photo production that captures the essence and endurance of your Arangetram performance.
Marketing Videos:
The way people shop online is changing, and more than half of Americans say branded videos impact their purchase decisions. ByteGraph's fully-integrated video marketing services fuel your web presence with premium, interactive content designed to engage and influence your unique audiences.