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Professional Video for Arangetram Performance. We understand the importance of this moment and can provide you professional video as you transition from a student to a performer on the Margam. Working closely with Gurus and the performers we know just how important this moment is and how important it is to you, the performer, to have professional video and images of your Arangetram.We understand the nuance of gesture, glance, and expression and strive to capture each moment in amazing high-definition for you to share with family, friends, other students and your Guru. We understand the years of dedication and training that you have put into this moment and offer packages that include high-resolution available light photography for your performance. We understand your needs, your style, and just how important this moment is and we know that not all dance styles can be recorded the same way. We have worked with many Bharatanatyam dancers and Gurus and we will provide you a video and photo production that captures the essence and endurance of your Arangetram performance.